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Cheap eats: Churros and pintxos in San Sebastian

Churros con chocolat by Penne Cole

Churros con chocolat by Penne Cole

I am a HUGE churros fan. I could eat them all day. In fact, that’s exactly what I did when I went to San Sebastian and Madrid. Churros for breakfast, churros for a snack, churros for dessert… you get the picture. Churros are the Spanish version of a doughnut. They are crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside, and are heavenly dipped in a cup of Spanish-style super thick hot chocolate. Different versions of this churros have popped up, with whole churrerias dedicated to serving nothing but churros. You can get them stuffed with dulce de leche (another must try – life is incomplete without them), coated in chocolate you’re missing out and you need to rectify the situation. Immediately.

Churros were recently introduced in Australia, and for some reason, they are considered a luxury item, with a plate costing upwards of $7. Why? I can’t get my head around it when this set of churros con chocolat from Santa Lucia in old San Sebastian only cost me about three Euros, and were so delicious I could cry.

Pintxos by Penne Cole

Pintxos by Penne Cole

Pintxos are San Sebastian’s version of tapas. Plates of these little babies line the bars in San Sebastian, and every bar has its own speciality. With servings starting from just a Euro, these are definitely cheap, and very delicious eats.

Pintxos by Penne Cole

Pintxos by Penne Cole

It’s the perfect set up for bar hopping and grazing. The idea is you take whatever you want from the display on the bar. You can also order freshly cooked pintxos like seared foie gras from the kitchen. Once you’re done, the bar simply tallies up your order and you pay for your (usually super cheap) meal. Pintxos are supposed to be appetizers, but for me, they are always the full meal.

Pintxos by Penne Cole

Pintxos by Penne Cole

With so many types of pintxos, I really can’t say which one was my favourite. I think I may just have to spend more time in the bars of San Sebastian…

Pintxos by Penne Cole

Pintxos by Penne Cole

2 comments on “Cheap eats: Churros and pintxos in San Sebastian

  1. LewesFoodie
    March 23, 2013

    Yes i agree, churros are great. I actually did a recent video post about how to make them. Spanish food is the best!

  2. faz
    March 23, 2013

    ahhh good old San Sebastian! I love churros also!!

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