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Strawberry-picking at Ricardoes Tomatoes & Strawberries, NSW, Australia

Giant strawberry

Giant strawberry

One weekend last winter, I found myself halfway up the coast in New South Wales, Australia, in a tiny town called North Haven. Driving along the highway, I spotted the sign: a tomato farm with the option to pick your own strawberries! I was hooked. I had no idea if there would be strawberries, or for that matter, tomatoes available in the middle of winter, but being the tomato-nut that I am, I couldn’t give it a miss.

To my great delight, Ricardoes Tomatoes did indeed have strawberries available; giant greenhouses full of them, in fact. Armed with a bucket and a pair of scissors, I ventured forth. I couldn’t resist sampling one, just to see if they were any good. They were, hands down, the most delicious strawberries I have ever tasted in my life. They were so sweet and juicy that it was almost like swallowing a mouthful of strawberry jam.

Row upon row of strawberries, as far as the eye can see

Row upon row of strawberries, as far as the eye can see

My partner and I filled two buckets with them and greedily savoured them throughout the trip. On my last day in the area, I even bought another two kilograms of the stuff (and lucky for me, Ricardoes had one of their rare sale days, when the fruit was half price!) to take home.

A few weeks later, lured by their fragrance, I bought a punnet of strawberries from my local supermarket. One bite later, with my face scrunched up against the sourness, I realised that Ricardoes Tomatoes & Strawberries has spoilt me for life and I will never be able to go back to plain old supermarket strawberries without remembering the heavenly taste of Ricardoes’ strawberries.

This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale.

Practical Information

Ricardoes Tomatoes

221 Blackmans Point Road, 

Blackmans Point NSW 2444


Ricardoes tomatoes is located about 15 minutes drive from Port Macquarie, the closest town with an airport. Qantas and Virgin run several flights a day between Port Macquarie and Sydney, and several other cities in Australia.


8 comments on “Strawberry-picking at Ricardoes Tomatoes & Strawberries, NSW, Australia

  1. herfivesenses
    February 7, 2015

    ohhhh! i definitely want to go here when i get the chance to! 😀

    • Penne Cole
      February 7, 2015

      You should! That area has so much to do. There’s also a koala hospital and you can get so much closer to the animals than you normally would.

      • herfivesenses
        February 8, 2015

        ohhh! that’s so awesome! koalas are so cute!

  2. sustainabilitea
    February 7, 2015

    Those look fabulous! I’m yearning now for spring and the new, sweet berries. But that’s some time off yet. I also like your blog title–lots of pasta-bilities. 🙂


  3. Tina Schell
    February 10, 2015

    Oh I know EXACTLY what you mean. We have fresh strawberries here in SC for about a month in the spring and they are simply amazing. Same thing with our local peaches. Supermarket fruit just needs to be considered a different food entirely! Beautiful shots of the berries.

    • Penne Cole
      February 10, 2015

      Lol yes, definitely second class citizens in the fruit department.

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