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Solo dinner at Honcho Noodle, Melbourne

Honcho Noodle

Honcho Noodle pop up – empty as a ghost town

Honcho Noodle is a ghost town when I arrive. To be fair, this is the pop-up version before the real restaurant opens on Melbourne’s popular Punch Lane, and I am visiting towards the tail end – literally the second last day of the pop up restaurant’s existence. But I still didn’t expect to be the only patron in the restaurant. For the entire time I am sitting there, only one other table of two comes in. In hindsight, it was foolish even bothering to make a reservation.

When I travel for work – which has been pretty much every week since April – I usually dine alone, so my only entertainment is usually my phone, or surreptitious crowd-watching. On this occasion, the only thing I have for company is what looks like a screen grab from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, mirrored in the adjoining wall.

Korean noodles at Honcho Noodle

BBQ pork belly, Korean noodles, soft egg, roast pork bone, chilli broth

I order a bowl of the Korean noodles with BBQ pork belly – expensive at $23 a bowl. My favourite part is the soup – it is tangy and spicy with the kimchi and great on a cold night. The noodles were a little over-cooked for my liking – not even close to al dente. The soft boiled egg was good, but I was hoping for the shoyu egg you get with a bowl of ramen, so was disappointed to find that it was just a regular egg. The BBQ pork belly was so-so – good flavour, but nowhere near as melt-in-the-mouth tender as the chashu you would get with a bowl of ramen.

Overall, I guess the number of patrons in the restaurant should have been a dead giveaway (pun intended) so if I were the owners of Honcho Noodles, I’d be very worried for the fate of the actual restaurant.


2 comments on “Solo dinner at Honcho Noodle, Melbourne

  1. wanderingcows
    September 9, 2016

    It looks yummy from the picture. Shame about the lack of patronage and atmosphere.

    • Penne Cole
      September 9, 2016

      Yes it’s so strange to dine alone in a restaurant!

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