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Ramen at Rising Sun Workshop


Dark (front) and Light ramen @ Rising Sun Workshop Cafe

Nestled in a quiet laneway off Newtown’s busy King Street is Sydney’s first communal motorcycle workshop cum cafe, the Rising Sun Workshop. It’s dedicated to all the biking enthusiasts in crowded Sydney who don’t have a garage of their own to tinker on their bikes to their heart’s content. This is collaborative consumption at its best.

I’m a bit nervous when I head into the shop with my partner. He’s a former bike-head, and I’m worried that the sight of all those gleaming motorcycles in the workshop will set off his biker wanderlust again. But he seems to keep himself under control fairly well, only commenting that another mate of his would find this his home away from home when he moved to Sydney.

We enter directly into the cafe, but just behind the counter is the workshop – there are four bays, all occupied with everything from a 250CC monster to a tiny bike. I wonder if the guy with the small bike in the bay next to the monster was feeling a little jealous and inadequate?

We are there for ramen – I’d heard many good things about it and was keen to try – but the breakfast menu (available until 11am) sounded amazing as well. It’s definitely a Japanese-themed menu, with offerings like breakfast ramen (with buttered toast broth, bacon egg and tomato – nothing if not original!), prison bento, and hokkaido milk buns. The dinner menu is also interesting, with a variety of yakitori and share plates.

Bento for breakfast #🍱

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There are three ramen options for lunch – The Dark, The Light, and The Monk (vegetarian). At $17 each, these aren’t cheap eats, but then I guess the quality of ingredients make up for it, as does their philosophy of buying local and supporting the local community.

My Dark ramen comes with a full-flavoured broth, and is topped with a generous and amazingly delicious piece of kurobuta pork belly, a poached egg (sadly, not the seasoned egg that normally comes with ramen), bamboo shoots, black fungus, a deliciously tangy shiitake mushroom, caramelised onions and a nori sheet.

The Light ramen is, as its name suggests, a much lighter version, and is salt-based rather than shoyu-based like the Dark. Toppings are roughly the same, but the fungus is substituted for kale, and the egg is a soy sauce-infused one. I really enjoyed both, but by the time I get to the bottom of the Light bowl, it is much too salty to be consumed.

Several hours later, I’m still feeling parched. Worth it? Yes, the ramen was really good. Different, but good. It’s still not my favourite, though – that honour has to belong to Gumshara!

Practical Information

Rising Sun Workshop

1C Whateley St

Newtown NSW 2042

(02) 9550 3891

Open for breakfast and lunch from 8am – 4pm, 7 days

Open for dinner 6 – 10pm Thursday to Saturday

The workshop is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am – 8pm, and on Sunday from 10am – 3pm


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