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Kinte’s goofy grin

Kinte, my beloved childhood friend, lived to the ripe old age of 16. The year he passed away was a particularly tough one. My grandfather had passed away a month ago, and two weeks after that, my boyfriend and I broke up.

Heartbroken, I figured that bad luck always travels in threes, so maybe I was in for some good luck.

IMG_1907 (2)

Leo the boxer

Sure enough, a few months later, I met my beloved, the Happy Gwailo and his pup, Leo. Leo has a way of stealing his way into your heart. Life with Leo is a series of woebegone faces, interspersed with joyful gambols in the park, endless wiping of his drool, and many many doggy cuddles.


Plenty of drool from Leo

Leo is always excited to see me – he talks to me when I come home, telling me about his day in soft howls, and demanding to know why I’ve been gone so long. He seems to think that as the newcomer to the pack, I need protecting. He follows me around the apartment so I’m never out of his sight, and spends the night by my side of the bed. If I’m not careful about shutting the door when I’m in the shower, he’ll poke his nose into the bathroom too.

IMG_1890 (2)

Leo enjoying the sun

Leo’s favourite thing to do when he’s not following me around is to enjoy the sun on the balcony. From his lofty perch, he will observe all the goings on around us, quivering in excitement if he sees another dog.


Give me some food, mom!

Leo’s other obsession is food. He loves checking out our meals, and if he’s very lucky, he might get a treat. But mostly, he’s content to eat his kibble. Strangely, though, he likes to eat when he has an audience. If we’re going out for dinner and give him his food early, he’ll wait for us to come back before he wolfs it down.


It’s cold!

Leo has slowed down a lot since I first met him. His muzzle is now fully grey and he struggled so much to get up on his couch-bed that we got him a new bed on the floor that he loves. He runs less now when we let him off the lead, and we’ve had to switch him to mature dog food for his joints. We are dreading the day when we will have to say goodbye to Leo. I think it will be even more painful than saying goodbye to Kinte. But loss is part of life, and I am grateful for everyday with my beloved.

This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved.


4 comments on “Beloved

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  2. Dina
    February 4, 2018

    Warm and heartbreaking take on the challenge❣️I fell in love with Kinte❤️ right away 😍
    Absolutely lovely impressions, Penne. Good to see your companions.

    • Penne Cole
      February 5, 2018

      Thanks Dina 🙂 Really appreciate your comments.

  3. Hannah (BitterSweet)
    February 6, 2018

    Such a beautiful tribute. My own pup lived to be 18 years old, so I understand that irreplaceable, incomparable bond. Cherish every minute of it!

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