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Gratitude: Working flexibly

When I was pregnant with my daughter, there were so many worries going through my mind. Would she be healthy? Would I be a good mom? I don’t know how to feed my baby or change a nappy – help!

The moment when she was born was a magical one I’ll never forget. I’m grateful that we had her pre-CoVID-19 days; a friend of mine had to give birth alone and stay in the hospital alone with the baby while she was recuperating because there were no visitors or guests allowed – not even her husband.

As time passed, my initial fears settled down, only to be replaced with new ones. Is she eating enough? Is she eating the right things? Why hasn’t she pooped today? Is there something wrong? Is she hitting all her developmental milestones? Omg, she just stuck her shoe in her mouth – will she be ok?

As a parent, you’re constantly worried about your children, and I guess that will never go away.

One thing I didn’t have to worry about, however, was that I had a job to go back to. My employer has a generous parental leave policy – 18 weeks fully paid – for which I’m very grateful. Even better, the policy applies to either parent, as long as the parent is the full time carer. Allowing the father to take time off as well is so important in our fight to achieve equality for women in the workplace.

When my parental leave was up, I went back to work three days a week. It wasn’t a negotiation, there was nothing to argue about or bargain for. My employer just asked what I needed, what I was comfortable with, and when I said I only wanted to work three days a week, there were no questions asked. They just made it work. And for that, I am truly grateful. I don’t have to trade off my career against raising my child. I get to spend the majority of my time caring for my daughter and watching her grow up, all while still holding a job that allows me to talk to adults and use my brain – because let’s face it, caring for a toddler isn’t the most mentally stimulating thing in the world.

So today, I’m grateful to have an employer with generous parental leave policies, and a flexible working culture that allows me to maintain a great balance between work and life.

What are you grateful for?

This post was inspired by Discover Prompts, Day 19: Three.


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