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Gratitude: A daughter who sleeps

If you had asked me a few years ago what my most-wanted magical power would be, I would have to say the ability to sleep when and where I wanted to.

I always envied Leo’s ability to sleep anywhere, anytime

I used to travel pretty often for work. When I was based in Malaysia, I’d often do international trips to Indonesia or Thailand. I would always have to take the first flight out in the morning, and when you add in some time for customs and immigration and a little bit of buffer so you don’t miss your flight, I would often be awake at five in the morning. In Australia, travel for work was mostly domestic, which allowed me to sleep in for a bit longer, but not much. In my travelling heydays, I used to wish I had the magical ability to sleep at the drop of a hat, just so I could catch up on my sleep during all those flights.

I’m the first to admit that I can be a bit grumpy without sleep, so when I found out I was pregnant, one of my main concerns was how I would function with the lack of sleep that everyone knows comes with a newborn. My concerns were justified – like most babies, my daughter had a three hour cycle – every three hours, she would need to have a diaper change, be fed, have a little bit of play time, then go back to sleep. I didn’t have the easiest time breastfeeding, so I would often be up for 1.5 – 2 hours out of every 3. Everyone says to sleep when your baby is sleeping, but when you have a normal circadian rhythm, that’s pretty hard to achieve. If only I had that magic!

When my daughter’s sleep cycles started lengthening at around 6 weeks, I was over the moon. By 3 months, she was down to one feed at night. By 6 months, she was sleeping through the night. Which meant that I could sleep too. Which meant that I could start feeling human again.

Not many people are so lucky, so today, I’m grateful that my daughter is a good sleeper.

What are you grateful for?

This post was inspired by Discover Prompts, Day 25: Magic.


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